The Cocktail Cart

The Cocktail Cart is a new business venture created by Dorothy and Jay.

The idea started years ago, while sitting around drinking cocktails. We were on about our third round and I was over spending so much time making them for everyone, I wanted a quicker way, so, the idea of serving cocktails out of kegs was born!

This idea was a bit of a joke and was talked about for many years, until someone said… “just do it!” and that  was the push that was needed!

A  year later and after many hours of planning and creating the cart and getting the recipes on point for our cocktails, The Cocktail Cart was set!

We created this business to share our love for cocktails and bring people together!

Our way of making cocktails is very unconventional, as we premix them into our kegs, but this ensures the quality and taste is the same for each Cocktail and is able to be, made, decorated and served at a fraction of the time!

We are a sustainable and eco friendly Cocktail Cart, that can be set up anywhere, from your back garden to the hilltop overlooking the ocean!

We would love to bring this magical and unforgettable experience to your special day!!

Contact person: Dorothy Whitham
Email Address:
Phone: 021733288

Are you a mobile business?: Yes
Are you available for weddings outside of the Waikato?: Yes