Criteria for Membership

Rock your unique-ness

We want to know you know what makes your business different & fantastic. And that you are happy to shout it loud. 

Support local

We love businesses who seek local connect with other Waikato-based businesses... working with them as suppliers & sending them referrals. 

Have a digital presence

You gotta know the internet is a big thing. Businesses in the fold gots to have at least one of the following; 

  • a site on the interwebs &/or
  • a page in the book of faces

A handful in each category

We're inviting the most imaginative independent wedding vendors in the Waikato to connect & create a supportive & strong network of local business owners, not authoring an exhaustive list of every fly-by-night bridge who passes through.
...As such, we expect most categories will include no more than four vendors. There may be some exceptions, where appropriate.

Get a sponsor

We want to know you're dependable & do quality work. That way we can throw our full weight & behind the recommendations we make to our customers. To join us, you need to be referred by an existing member & follow up with continued awesome-ness.