Managing life & (many) other things

A few things to know about…
Event manager/Café Manager/Baker, Sarah Griffin

It all started with sharing a love for food.
The calling I felt to share my love for food was set early in life. I was always in a kitchen as a child. My Grandmother cannot actually remember I time I’ve been to her house & NOT find my way to her kitchen. Much to her disgust, I’ve always tried to outcook my mother.

Mum’s advice meant it almost didn’t happen
As a 16 year old, I told Mum about my dream to become a chef… she said no, but you can go to hotel management school. I was initially gutted, but quietly stoked that I got to study overseas. And there was still a chef-ing component to the curriculum, which was my favorite part.

She is over the moon to have spent a year in South America
I could barely speak the language before I left. I came back fluent & had the most amazing experience experiencing life a year of life in somebody else’s shoes. I came back knowing I wanted to continue traveling, resolute to incorporating that into my life & knowing I could look after & stand up for myself. I had a deep understanding that the world is never the same for any two people... there are so many different people & viewpoints & we need to work out how to care for one another & get along.

Oceans & old people recharge her batteries.
Spending time with my grandparents is relaxing, I love knowing I am going to be spoilt by family. There’s no need to put on a pretense…& let’s be honest I’m probably their favorite grandchild!

I love a day at the beach. The waves. The white noise. Being so close to something so big & so natural, so spectacular.

Decent people mean a lot
I really appreciate being connected & challenged by people I like; rubbing up against great humans I respect & admire really floats my boat. That feedback & recognition that people I think are choice, think similarly about me: Jolly good stuff!

She sucks at spelling like the rest of us
I could never spell the word “together.” Someone had to tell me it was like three words, in one “to” “get” & “her.” Sad but true, but I got it now! Currently working on “available”… unfortunately failing at this stage.

She has a learn to be true to herself
I used to often find myself wondering what my parents would think of what I was doing. It’s been a great relief to step out from others expectations & realise it’s enough to be true to myself. I do my best to tune out the other voices & listen to my heart, shine my light. Live my own life. 

You'll find Sarah at The Boatshed, Karapiro where she manages Weddings & events, bakes up a storm, shares jokes & is awesome. 

Interview & writing by Brooke