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A few things to know about… Wedding Celebrant, Kylie McKay


It all started with the beautiful unusual wedding of friends
It was the intimate dusk wedding of friends. Their celebrant was different to any I’d seen before: young, like us. I stood there thinking “I could do that. I want to do that!” Before I left, I hit up the celebrant (in fact he was an old boss of mine) & a week later I was sitting in his office drilling him on how to get this thing started! To see someone not too different to me, doing something so meaningful for people I loved… I saw the difference it made & I was inspired.

Forms made me fear this wouldn’t happen
The application process was daunting, extensive. Though I believed I had what it took, I wasn’t sure I had the right referrals.

Support from her people keeps a smile on her dial 
I never want to take for granted the support I get from my community, the amazing people around me! I couldn’t be a celebrant without awesome family support, especial from my hubby. I am also grateful for the support from the school where I work & others within the industry who have helped keep me excited about weddings & marriage.

I had no idea what to expect but I’ve been pumped by the weddings I have had the honour of officiating in my first year (26 weddings in my first 13 months). The referrals & bookings for this upcoming summer wedding season are flowing in & I'm excited about the future.

Waihi helps her recharge
Waihi beach is a special place for me. My grandparents have settled there and have made a massive family bach for our whole family. It’s the setting for the childhood memories of my kids. I love it.

Human energy means a lot to Kylie
Human interaction is so natural to me. I’m a “People Person” & if I don’t have that stimulation I can find myself feeling flat or bored. People inspire me.

She struggles with balance like the rest of us
There are so many loves in my life, my work, my family, friends, working out (maybe I don't love working out but I am certainly trying to fit it in!)… its hard to fit it all in & I am constantly working at finding balance.

Kylie’s tips for overachievers
Don’t try to be superwoman! She’s not real! 

As well as officiating weddings as Kylie McKay, Wedding Celebrant you'll find Kylie at Korakonui school where she models being awesome & works to inspire & connect special kids with support & meaningful education experiences.

Interview & writing by Brooke