Chatting with Graphic design Goddess

A few things to know about… Graphic Design Goddess, Kelly Boxell

It all started when I married my Nat
I was a graphic designer for trade magazines and later a retail fashion company. But I guess designing my own wedding invitations, 5 years ago, that planted the seed to begin my business. A few years later, with a small 5 month old, and 2.5 year old, builders still finishing the house renovation and the computer set up on the kitchen table I threw myself into it.

The road to Graphic Design was a winding one
I think back and I had always wanted to be a graphic designer, but I had veered off trying out other jobs and study. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties and I saw a Graphic Design course advertised locally, that I knew I had to give it a crack. I had one day before applications closed to apply, and I scraped in and landed a spot. I loved it and have never looked back!

Finding balance in life ain’t easy
Balancing life, kids & work is my big struggle. There’s the creative magnetism of design that pulls me, or keeps me at it but the flipside of that guilt I feel when other parts of life get neglected: I hate that! I have to be intentional to be aware of my energy levels, & discipline myself to actually stop & recharge in plenty of time. I know life works better that way, but it doesn’t come naturally to me

Colour is king 
The top three inspirations of my design work are colour, typography and patterns. But top of the list is colour: I love colour… & playing with different colour combinations. It is a bit of a curse though because my favourite colour is always changing. My coping mechanism is to mostly wear black.  

A list of loves
So many things make my heart smile! In no particular order… candy, being a passenger in the car (love enjoying the scenery), music (Mumfords & sons latest album is a fave at the moment), I find it hard to go past a beautiful magazines printed on great paper stock) & gorgeous flowers.

Lovely stationery shops are a particular weakness of mine.

And Disney (I grew up loving Disney & still do, to this day!)

Kelly can’t get by without her supporters
I’m grateful for awesome friends & family. I could not do my business without them. My husband especially. I still feel so stoked seeing the work coming in, doing something I love & the people who commission me to create for them.

Family beach get-away’s always do good
Getting away to beach with my family always recharges my batteries... our go-to spot is the Mount, It’s where I grew up & just a quick drive. So much about the beach makes me happy: the view, the sand in my toes & that first dive in, & now introducing my kids to all the things I remember about it.

That & coffee catch ups with friends helps keep me sane.

Kelly has a cure for self-doubt
When I started out I was so doubtful that my work was good enough… building a volume of happy clients, receiving referrals & coming alongside professionals in the wedding industry has helped me step up & see the value in my own work. With that support & belief I find I can back my own skills & ability, which in turn has helped me move forward.

Oh! The other thing that gets me through is Making Lists… so many lists!

You'll find Kelly at Creative Box in all her awesome Graphic-Designer-ness.  

Interview & writing by Brooke