With such a wide range of bridal accessories available these days it can be fun but super confusing when it comes to finishing your bridal look.  If you’re unsure of what to get it can end up being a total money pit purchasing ‘all’ the accessories, only to add them to the maybe pile and then in the end quite possibly not use any of them at all.  With so much to choose from, when has it gone from perfect to over the top?  Luckily for you Paula from The Style Federation is here to point us all in the right direction when it comes to less is more or more is less?

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As a wedding photographer I have lost count of the number of times a bridal party member has asked me “what’s next and when do we need to be there?”. And because your photographer is the person that is there with you recording the details of your wedding for the whole day, more often than not we end up being informal timekeepers! In this post I’ll give you some great tips to help you plan a wedding day timeline that will keep you cool calm and collected and ensure you get the most out of the time with your guests, bridal party and your beau.

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As wedding trends continue to evolve, develop and change, it can be a scary and daunting world out there for engaged couples! The inspiration and information can be overwhelming and sometimes you don’t even know where to start and how to build on ideas. Here at The Styled Table we have selected our top 5 favourite pieces and included some Pinspiration images to get your creative minds working and excited about what your dream day could look like.

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Six Ways To Get More Out Of Your Wedding Photo Booth

CREATE an instant photo booth album | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  )     

CREATE an instant photo booth album | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  

1.  Create a photo booth album at the wedding

Have two prints instantly printed each time the booth is used.  The guest puts one into a photo album along with their comments and well wishes.  The other print is kept by the guest as a wonderful memory of your wedding.  At the end of the night you get to go home with an album full of you and your guests sharing in the fun, laughter and love of your special day.   It's wonderful to have something to pour over the very next morning!

2.  Give your guests a photo booth challenge!

At each place setting (or even just in a bowl near the photo booth) have a secret photo booth challenge for each guest to complete during the night.  These might include things like "Have a photo booth photo taken with your favourite person here tonight", "Get the mother-of-the-bride in the photo booth with you", "Take a photo booth photo with the loudest person at the wedding" or more artistic challenges such as "Tell a story in four shots", "Take a photo booth photo in the style of Andy Warhol" or "Reveal four sides of your personality in the photo booth".  Guests then put a copy of their photo alongside their photo booth challenge in the album.  So. Much. Fun and it gets people mingling and laughing together very quickly! 

GIVE YOUR GUESTS a photo booth challenge | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  )  Challenge:  Guest with two bridesmaids

GIVE YOUR GUESTS a photo booth challenge | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  Challenge:  Guest with two bridesmaids

THANK YOU CARDS sorted |   PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  )  

THANK YOU CARDS sorted | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  

3.  Get your 'Thank You' cards nailed!

Bride and Groom, before the end of the night, grab a cute pre-made sign or chalk board with 'Thank You' written on it, jump in the photo booth and ham it up!  Then, in the days after your wedding, simply print out how many you need, attach to a plain card (or make them into a postcard) and bingo!  Adorable thank you cards done and waiting for months for your professional shots.

4.  Ensure your entire wedding party has single shots done in the photo booth. 

Good photo booth companies will supply not only the quad/strip prints on disc but every single shot too.  When you put one of each person together in a grid, these make gorgeous wall prints.  Each bridal party member might be using the same prop in each shot.  Think about any other creative shots you might like - a favourite with us is the four prop medley...take four different props into the booth, have one on for each picture but no more!  Harder than it sounds and always hilarious!

SINGLE SHOTS of your bridal party | PHOTO CREDIT:     YEAH! Weddings (

SINGLE SHOTS of your bridal party | PHOTO CREDIT:   YEAH! Weddings (

5.  Have your wedding photo booth shots uploaded to Facebook!

Most photo booth companies will upload your images to their Facebook page at no extra charge.  This means guests can get easy access to their shots without bothering you for the disc/usb later on.  It also allows lots of tagging fun and lets everyone see just what was going on behind that curtain!

Share your photo booth photos on facebook | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  )  

Share your photo booth photos on facebook | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  

DON'T FORGET photos with your favorite | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (  ) 

DON'T FORGET photos with your favorite | PHOTO CREDIT:  Photoautomatica (

6.  Make sure you take time out with your new husband/wife in the booth.

The photo booth is a wonderful place to take a moment privately together.  Jump the queue (a good photo booth attendant will ensure this), snuggle up, share a kiss, take it all in, have a breather.  Just don't forget to push the photo booth button! 


We know you will never regret incorporating a photo booth into your special day, it is a unique combination of laughter, fun, intimacy and memories captured.  We would love to help answer any questions you might have about photo booth hire. 

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